ORDER Pickup

1312 South Bethel Rd.
Decatur, AL 35603

Pickup Hours:
Monday through Friday, 8AM to 6PM.
Saturday, 8AM to 2PM.

Order Pickup Instructions

  • If you've placed an order for store pickup, your items will be holding at our retail store located in Priceville, AL. (Decatur address.)

  • Please bring a copy of your order with you.

  • Please have photo ID available for identity verification.

  • Concert admission items (t-shirts, hats, passes [when available]) set for store pickup must be picked up before store closing on the day of the concert. We won’t always be unable to provide item pickup after the store closes on event days. Please see the event page to check for will call pickup availability.

  • We will not ship any orders that are selected for store pickup, unless shipping is paid for at a later date. If you find that, for whatever reason, you cannot make it to the store to pick up your merchandise, please call us at 256-340-8899. We can process your shipping request by phone and send your product to you. There is an additional $2.00 surcharge for switching to a shipped order.