Fredricks Outdoor is the largest Mahindra dealer in North Alabama. We sell what we like to use, and these tractors are tough, durable, dependable and will provide quality service and best-in-industry features for years to come. For pricing and availability, please call us at 256-340-8899 or email us at Or you can click the link to the right to view our current inventory.


We can make a package out of anything you need. Just rough-cutting? Choose a tractor, rotary cutter, and trailer. Don't need a trailer? That's ok by us, just tell us what you do need. At Fredricks Outdoor, we can make an equipment package for every customer and every job. With package deals, you can squeeze every last penny out of your dollar.

Mahindra makes the buying process even easier with Power Package rebates. Talk to your salesperson about leveraging these great discounts to get more bang for your buck. Power Package rebates are instant. There's nothing for you to file and you don't have to wait for your money. We take it straight off the top. Easy, right?


  • Higher Lift Capacity // Their weight and heavy-duty components allow Mahindra Tractors to lift heavy loads and use larger implements so you can get your work done faster. Compared to tractors in their class, Mahindra Tractors typically show superior lift capacities.
  • Heavier, Sturdier Chassis // The rugged cast-iron chassis on a Mahindra Tractor makes it heavier than other tractors of similiar size and horsepower.This extra weight creates more traction, stability and control.
  • Heavy-Duty Components // Compare Mahindra's components to brands and you will find ours to be bigger, more solid, and made with high quality materials to keep Mahindra Tractors working hard for you day after day, for years to come.
  • Reinforced Fenders // Mahindra's fenders are reinforced and use a thicker gauge of sheet metal for strength and durability.
  • Front Axle // Mahindra insists on using bigger, thicker, stronger axles to achieve maximum stability.
  • 3-Point Hitch // Mahindra employs three point linkages that are heavy and sturdy to ensure stability and safety. Compare ours to other brands and you can see the difference.
7-Year Limited Powertrain Warranty (Mobile).png

Best of all, Mahindra offers a SEVEN YEAR POWERTRAIN WARRANTY as standard.  No extra cost.  No gimmicks.  No games. You'll never have to file a warranty claim yourself.  We'll handle that for you. We also handle your warranty registration. You're taken care of from day one.


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