Lowery "Andy" Rotary Mower


Lowery "Andy" Rotary Mower

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Andy 400, 500 and 600

  • Designed For Small Areas Needing A Heavier Touch - Standard Duty

  • 40 Horsepower Gearbox

  • Sides Made Of 6 Inch Channel Running The Length Of The Cutter

  • Deck Made Of 12 Gauge Plate

  • Floating 3 Point Hitch

  • Available In 5 and 6 Foot Cutting Widths

  • Stump Jumper Included

  • Steel Bushing Wheels

Width (in Feet):
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Often referred to as a "bush hog" or "brush hog," rotary mowers are purpose built for clearing fields of grass, brush, and other similar vegetation.